A RORO ship, also known as a roll-on roll-off ship, is a type of freight or ferry vessel designed to transport vehicles such as cars, trucks, trailers, and all-wheeled cargo. The term “roll-on roll-off” refers to a method of loading and unloading ships in which vehicles drive on and off ramps.

These ships have enormous apertures at the bow and stern, as well as on the sides, allowing for quick loading and unloading of cars and other goods. The ramps used to load and unload cargo are normally hydraulically powered, allowing vehicles to drive on and off the ship with ease. RORO ships are typically used to transport vehicles and other wheeled freight across the ocean, but they are also utilized for shorter ferry routes, such as between islands or across rivers, as previously stated. RORO ships are the most efficient mode of transportation for wheeled freight; they save a significant amount of time and resources when compared to standard cargo ships, and they are also more ecologically friendly.

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