Land Freight

Land Freight

GCC Group is among the leading companies providing international and local transportation logistic solutions. The Land Transport department has been providing regular full loads and services within the GCC and Levant countries. It maintains flexible and tailor made road services to meet the customer needs. The Land Transport department one stop solution for domestic and international groupage logistics services. We have various road transportation on means which can take part load and full load including specialist cargo such as hazardous materials and valuables. We also utilize all forms of road haulage which make transport on easier. When combined with our partners in various countries, we have endless network, opportunities and knowledge we require to be the best and that is why we are known to be the best at ground cargo.

Why to choose Land Transport Service?

Transporting by road is a reliable way to ship your goods because you can hire a specific vehicle for the task and have your goods collected and delivered straight to your door. With less legislation and less red tape, for shorter distances it can be easier and more affordable to ship your goods by road.

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Difference Between FTL and LTL Freight Shipping?

Full truckload or FTL shipping service is a seamless selection for large shipments or large volumes of goods that take up the complete truck which carries the shipment from your door. You can still book an whole truck even if your shipment doesn’t take up the total capacity. Most firms do this to ensure that their goods or cargo transportation doesn’t get stuck with other products. and the cargo onto the truck, directly drives to the final destination without stopping. In the case of full truckload service, the shipment transit-time is usually fixed.

Less than truckload or less than load is when a trailer carries freight from numerous shippers rather than from an individual company or person. In LTL, various shipments are loaded in one truck to utilize its capacity as close as possible. Small businesses generally prefer this type of trucking load with less shipping requirements and budget limitations. LTL freight shipping transit-time may vary from the estimated delivery time.

Vehicles used by us are of a high standard and are operated by trained staff, who are dedicated to transport your cargo safely while following all the compliances and road safety measures. Our Fleet Type includes:

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What Is Refrigerated Freight?

Refrigerated freight refers to freight that requires specific, temperature-controlled environments during shipment. This is where refrigerated trucks, or reefer trucks, come into play. As the name implies, refrigerated trucks include a built-in refrigeration system inside their trailers to keep their cargo cool. Your freight will arrive at its destination intact and unspoiled.

Benefits of our Refrigerated Freight