Dangerous Good

Dangerous goods are items or chemicals that may endanger one’s health, safety, property, or the environment. They must be appropriately packaged, handled with care, and shipped with the necessary competence to ensure they arrive safely at their destination.

If you are unsure whether your shipment is categorized as dangerous goods, request a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) from the manufacturer or supplier. If a UN number appears or is mentioned in Chapter 14, it is a harmful good.

Which dangerous goods do we ship?

There are nine types of dangerous goods, and it is critical to understand which products belong into which. Some items, such as explosives and poisons, are obviously hazardous. Others, however, may surprise you. Aerosols, fragrances, and most products using lithium batteries, such as mobile phones or laptop computers, also count.

GCC Cargo Service L.L.C provides its customers with a fully integrated solution for all types of dangerous and hazardous cargo, including packaging, labeling, documentation, transportation, customs clearance, and final delivery to the consignee’s door. We can arrange for dangerous goods lifting and packaging in accordance with IMO and IATA regulations. All of our employees are trained and experienced in transporting dangerous goods both domestically and internationally via air and sea freight.

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